Shawn G.

This place is truly amazing. I have had such pain and limited motion in my neck for the last 30 years (from a car accident). Every year the pain and range of motion continuously got worse. Within the last eight months the old injury kept me from working and enjoying life to the fullest.

I was unable to look up, down, or side to side, without becoming dizzy. The pain felt like broken glass in my neck. I was also having issues with my right hand, both pain and numbness. I was unable to grip tools or carry materials. This severely limited the work I could do.

As a direct result of my physical therapy at Megamotion my range of motion has improved substantially. My dizziness has gone away and at the same time my pain has decreased from a level 8 to a level 2 (on a scale of 1-10 … 10 being the greatest amount of pain).

The owner is gracious, compassionate, and empathetic and knowledgeable. While listening to him interact with his other patients I can see that he truly cares about them. He knows them by name and is truly interested in what they have to say about their daily life.

I would highly recommend Megamotion to anyone in need!

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