LSVT Big Clinton & Milford, NY


LSVT (Lee SIlverman Voice Therapy) BIG is the only evidence-based, standardized method to help treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, along side with LSVT Loud (Speech Therapy). It is documented that LSVT BIG have been effective in improving the amplitude of limb and body movement. It is also proven to be effective in trunk rotation and gait that generally the speed, balance and the quality of life of person with Parkinson’s disease. In addition, people were able to maintain these improvements when challenged with a dual task.

LSVT BIG can be delivered by a physical or occupational therapist. Treatment is administered in 16 sessions over a single month (four individual 60 minute sessions per week). This protocol was developed specifically to address the unique movement impairments for people with Parkinson disease. The protocol is both intensive and complex, with many repetitions of core movements that are used in daily living. This type of practice is necessary to optimize learning and carryover of your better movement into everyday life! For more information, Contact us at Clinton & Milford, NY centers.

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